Innovation & Technical Support Centers

Pratt’s Innovation & Technical Support Centers are further evidence of our dedication to the corrugated packaging industry, the quality of products we manufacture and our continuing effort to be a world-class leader in design and innovation.


The Pratt Innovation & Technical Support Centers are other examples of Pratt Industries’ dedication to the industry, the quality of products it manufactures and its continuing effort to be a world-class leader in product design and innovation.

The Innovation & Technical Support Centers located on Pratt’s corporate campus in Conyers, GA serves as a showcase for the its commitment to constant improvement and cost-reduction for customers and the company. The Center in Wichita, KS supports Pratt’s work in the Midwest. All company Divisions utilize the centers as reference stores of research information and testing for customers’ products.

The facilities are staffed by our teams of highly-qualified technicians and packaging engineers offering a full range of services including packaging design and surety testing.

They are also able to measure performance characteristics of corrugated packaging and their containerboard components.

Our staff is fully qualified to evaluate existing packaging designs as well as offer suggestions for improving package performance and identifying opportunities for reducing costs. The teams are also available on a consulting basis for identifying and solving combined board and production problems in your operation.

The Pratt Innovation & Technical Support Centers are  and , as well as DOT/Hazmat certified testing facilities.


Our Vision:

Pratt’s Innovation & Technical Support Centers are the most reliable source of technical information and ideas for our employees and customers. We accomplish this through state-of-the-art testing, research and active dialogue. Our operations promote profitability for Pratt Industries and its customers, facilitate new product development, solve problems and ensure Pratt’s reputation as a leader in the packaging industry.

Our Mission:

To maintain a safe work environment, maintain high ethics, operate a world class packaging laboratory and enhance company and customer profitability through innovation.


Testing Available

  • Paper

  • Basis Weight
  • Bendsten Surface Roughness
  • Burst, Mullen
  • Caliper
  • CMT – Concora
  • Cobb
  • Gurley Porosity
  • Liner / Medium Tear Strength
  • RCT – Ring Crush Test
  • Scott Ply Bond
  • Sheffield Permeability
  • Sheffield Smoothness
  • Slide Angle
  • Tape, Peel
  • TEA – Total Energy Absorption
  • Tensile Strength
  • Water/Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate
    (WCTR / MVTR)
  • Wax Pick
  • 3M Kit
  • Combined Board

  • A, B, C, & E Flutes Dry Pin Adhesion
  • A, B, C, & E Flutes Wet Pin Adhesion
  • Beach Puncture
  • Burst, Mullen
  • Caliper
  • Climate Simulation – Freezer
  • Climate Simulation – Variable Humidity
  • Drop Test
  • Dynamic Box Compression
    (Single Box or Full Pallet)
  • ECT – Edge Crush Test
  • FCT – Flat Crush Test
  • Inclined Plane Impact
  • Static Box Compression
    (Single Box or Full Pallet)
  • Tape, Peel
  • Vibration Testing
  • Wet Glue Bond

How We Can Help You

With a full time staff of dedicated packaging analysts, engineers and designers, Pratt Industries’ Innovation & Technical Support Centers offer a world class level of integrated expertise across all levels of corrugated packaging.

The Centers can help your business enhance profitability in many ways — including increasing packaging efficiency, reducing logistics costs, simulating packaging performance through the supply chain, testing package reliability, boosting strength and product protection.


Conyers Facility

Pratt Industries’ showcase Innovation and Technical Support Center in Conyers was established in 2004 to provide development and analytical support to the group’s operating divisions and customers. Many services and use of the facilities are free and actively encouraged.

The Center offers product development, marketing and sales support including laboratory services such as packaging design, packaging testing and analysis, strength and surface analysis, cyclic humidity studies, hazardous materials shipping container certification and troubleshooting services.

The Center works closely with Pratt Industries’ operating divisions in order to create truly world-class packaging and  increase the profitability of the company and our customers.

A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians are employed at the Center and to insure these professionals have access to the latest industry technology, the facility maintains close relationships with several industry organizations including Technical Association of the Paper Products Industry (TAPPI), Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech (IPST), Fibre Box Association (FBA), Radio Frequency Identification Journal Group (RFID), International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The state of the art laboratory is equipped with the most precise testing and measuring equipment in the industry.


Support Services

The Conyers Innovation and Technical Support Center also offers meeting rooms, available to accommodate groups from two to sixteen, with facilities including data and video projection, white boards and slide projection.

The Center also houses the Pratt Reference Library, which holds a comprehensive collection of books, magazines and journals relevant to the recycling and packaging industries.

For any information concerning use of the Conyers facility — from product development to conference facilities – please contact the Pratt Industries Innovation and Customer Support Center at 1977 Sarasota Parkway Conyers, GA. 30013.
Phone: (678) 210-2830

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Innovation & Technical Centers

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